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July 2 – 11, 2020

The Wildhorse Saloon is your destination for the greatest Stampede Party in Calgary. Located in the heart of downtown, we’ve got daily concerts, western barbecue, a non-stop dance floor, our own outdoor midway, and 20+ bars serving drinks that will knock your boots off!

Don’t miss the Wildhorse Midway, an outdoor party zone filled with cold beer, craft cocktails, games, fun food options and plenty more space for you to kick up your heels, Wildhorse-style! The Wildhorse Midway was a hit in 2019, and this year we’ve got even more tricks up our sleeve!

If you’re looking for a semi-private, totally unique, patio-style event space for your Stampede party, contact our Events team below to find out more information on this exciting space.